New Seeing Monitors

SM-2 Seeing Monitor »

The SBS SM-2 Seeing Monitor is the newest seeing monitor based on a QHY high QE, low noise, CMOS sensor, a high quality 100mm f/3.5 lens and custom seeing monitor software written by Dr. Alan Holmes. The SM-2 Seeing Monitor constantly monitors the seeing for any 12 hour period and displays the measurement on the computer monitor, logging the data to a text file for later analysis.

SM-1 PRO Mk II Seeing Monitor »

The SM-1 PRO Mk II Seeing Monitor is an upgraded version of the original SM-1 Seeing Monitor with a Raspberry Pi computer running Linux and SM-1P Software installed in the space below the ST-i camera. It is connected to a host computer using any length of Ethernet cable. It is identical to the former SM-1 PRO Model with the exception of a new 100mm f/3.5 lens.

SM-1 PRO Upgrade Kit »

Upgrade your original SM-1 Seeing Monitor to an SM-1 PRO Seeing Monitor with this kit. No mechanical modification of the SM-1 is required. Please note: This kit will only work with an original SM-1 Seeing Monitor. You cannot use this kit to upgrade the new SM-2 to a PRO version.

SMS Seeing Monitor »

The SMS Seeing Monitor is a unique professional quality monitor for use in the Southern Hemisphere. This model is in development.